1. T-shirt with sleeves, must cover your stomach; no inappropriate pictures or slogans.  No alcohol or drug advertisements.
  2. Shorts, sweatpants, windpants.  No jean shorts, breakaways, boxer shorts or pajama pants.
  3. Tennis shores and socks.  NO FLIP FLOPS!

Deodorant - unbreakable container


Students will begin each quarter with 100 points.  Points will be deducted as follows:  Loss of 5 points for every unexcused non dress day.  If student participates on a non dress day they will lose only 3 points.  Students will not be allowed to participate in FLIP FLOPS!  At the beginning of each quarter all points will be reset to 100.


​​No jewelry will be worn during PE with the following exceptions:
  • Medic Alert bracelet or necklace
  • Newly pierced ears.  You will be allowed to wear stud earrings for 8-12 weeks only if it can be covered with cloth tape.  All newly pierced ears must have a note signed from parent/guardian.

  1. You are expected to dress for class every day.  You will be given one free non dress day per 9 weeks.
  2. No chewing gum
  3. No cursing
  4. No horseplay
  5. Respect others and their property
  6. Follow all rules in student handbook
  7. Everyone will participate in the Presidents Physical Fitness Test
  8. Notes from parents excusing you from participation will only last for 3 days.  After three days you must present a doctors note to be excused from participation.
  9. Proper hygiene is to be followed daily. You are responsible for yourself.
  10. Any activities missed due to sickness or absentee can be required to be made up​​​​​​​​​​​​.
  11. The school will provide students a locker and a lock for PE Students are responsible for their own locks.  Any lock that is lost or misplaced must be paid for at the end of the year.  Locks cost $5.​
  12. Any 8th grade student with 16 or more non dress days will not be allowed to walk through graduation.​